Friends or Foes?
Not all bugs are insects, but all insects are bugs.

You will discover the differences between bugs, insects, and arachnids. Are they friends or foes? What are some habitats that insects like to call home? Do you have any favorites? All this information will be used to create a poster to present along with another team member.

Task #1

  • Your first task is simple. You will discover how to identify an insect. You will go to the Foss Insect Website and discover which ones are insects, and which are not, using your Friend or Foe worksheet. Click on “Insect Hunt.” Be sure that you check the pond and the land.

Task #2

Task #3

  • You will play each of the insect quiz games on the KidsCom Website and choose your favorite insect to report about.  Be careful not to choose an arachnid! Use the Bugs Worksheet to answer questions specific to your insect. Your insect information will be used to create a poster.

Task #4

  • Simple newsletters will be created, about your insect, during computer class time. The information and pictures will be used to create a poster for you to present to the class about your insect. Your teacher will specify the requirements for the computer project to reflect your current computer skills.