Frequently Asked Questions?

    The most important thing to remember is to send notes to school for all changes and questions.  Your third grader needs a note every time his/her after school plans change.  We cannot allow your third grader to change his/her plans without a written note or phone call.  So many times students say, “My mom or dad said I could go home with someone or that they will be picking me up after school.” But we cannot make any changes by word of mouth.  Feel free to ask any questions or make any changes regarding your third grader, but we must have a written note at all times.  Write a note even if you’re not sure if you need to write a note or not, it’s always safer for all us. In any case, just call the office to make any changes to your third grader's after school plans @756-8348.


When can I contact Mrs. Smith? 
I can be contacted by phone everyday from between 3:00 and 3:45.  You can also email me any time, or you can write a note and send it to school with your child.  You can also call me at home in the evening after 6:00 pm.  Emailing me is the best way to contact me.  You can also call the school office and leave a message for me.  Whenever you contact me I will respond as soon as possible.


What should I do if my third grader is absent from school?
The first thing you should do if your third grader is going to be absent from school is make sure you write a note on your child’s return so your child is excused for our records.  If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent it’s a good idea to contact me so I have a chance to gather some work if possible.  But if your child is sick and can’t do work at home, it’s important to help your child complete all incomplete assignments once he/she returns to school.  Make a special effort to contact me or work with your child to get caught up.  Your child is responsible for all the work that he/she has missing for grades in the grade book. 


Can my child bring Birthday Invitations to hand out at school?
I do not allow individual birthday invitations to be handed out at school
unless there is a birthday invitation for every student in the class, or girls can invite all girls and boys can invite all boys.   If you do not want to invite every student in the class your third grader will need to find an alternative way of getting invitations out.  If only a selective few are invited to birthday parties it causes hurt feelings. We work hard on repecting everybody in our classroom.


Can I bring treats to school for my third grader’s birthday?
Since we celebrate everybody’s birthday on the first day of school with drinks and treats additional treats throughout the school year are not allowed.  Please do not bring birthday treats to school.


Can my third grader have a cell phone at school?
Cell phones are not allowed at school in students’ backpacks.  Cell phones are expensive and are easily lost or stolen.  Cell phones are not necessary at school because parents can call the office at any time to talk with his/her third grader.  However, if your child needs a cell phone for after school, your third grader may have a cell phone stored in his/her backpack, but it must be turned off or kept in the school office. 


Can I come to school and have lunch with my third grader
Third graders love having their parents come and have lunch with them at school.  It’s best to know your third graders lunch schedule and send a note to school on the day you plan to come and have lunch.  You will need to check in with the office to pay for your lunch and get a visitors badge. 


What can a parent do if he/she cannot attend a scheduled meeting or conference? 
It’s totally understandable if occasionally parents can’t come to school for meetings or conferences.  If this happens, other than an IEP meeting, I am more than happy to have a phone conference at your convince.  I would much rather talk to a parent on the phone than not talk to a parent at all.  However, IEP meetings are extremely important, and they must be rescheduled if a parent is unable to make the scheduled meeting time.  


What should a parent do if their third grader is unhappy at school? 
The most important component of a third grader’s life at school is to be happy.  If at any time your third grader is unhappy, sad, or discouraged please contact the teacher.  So often a big problem to a third grader can easily be solved by just contacting the teacher and talking.  An average school day is very busy, and the teacher doesn’t always see or know what your third grader is feeling or experiencing.  The classroom teacher is not always on duty and your third grader has several other teachers, so things happen that the teacher is unaware of.  Therefore, please, by all means, contact the teacher.


What is OAKS?
OAKS is a state wide assessment test given to all Oregon students starting in the third grade required by the state of Oregon.  Third grade is considered the first benchmark and is tested in both reading and math.  OAKS tests are a multiple choice test given in the spring in the form of a written test or taken on the computer.  It’s a test that the parents will be given results of in the fall of fourth grade.  Additional information will come home later in the year to inform parents of dates, times, and test taking tips.  

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