We are starting our spelling program right away!  The kids are introduced to the words on Monday (or Tuesday).  We will make one list to keep at school and one list to go home to be used for practice.  At school we will practice the words on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Our weekly test will be each Friday (or the last day of the school week). 

Practicing at home is extremely important for your child’s success.  We are encouraging students to practice their words and sentences every evening.  We are planning to have spelling lists and tests even on “short” school weeks unless notified differently.

We are using the Houghton Mifflin spelling program adopted by our district.  All students are required to learn all twenty words unless special arrangements are made.  Most of the spelling lists will have a common phonetic sound and/or spelling pattern, with some of the words coming from the weekly reading stories.  Also, there may be some review words or words that don’t fit the spelling rule on the list of words as well.  The spelling sentences and/or paragraphs will focus on specific English elements, spelling words, and penmanship.  Our spelling sentences will start with simple sentences then move on to a simple paragraph, and then to paragraphing.     

The goal of our spelling program is to learn to spell words that students use in their daily writing.  And it’s great that students learn their words for the spelling test, but the true “test” will be whether or not they can use their words correctly on a daily basis in their writing.     



There are three different spelling lists on each page. The spelling paragraphs are not yet posted, only the spelling words.

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