Teacher’s Corner

    I love teaching third grade!  I am always excited for the start of a new school year.  I look forward to meeting my new students and to teach them fun and exciting things. 

    My yearlong theme is: Team Work!  I truly believe that in order to teach young minds it takes a team effort between the school, the parents, and the community.  I want my students to think of our classroom as a team, and that it takes teamwork for all of use to learn, grow, and discover together.is year

    One activity I do at the beginning of the school year, on the first day of school, is have One Big Birthday Party for everyone!  Yes, I have a birthday party with drinks and treats on the first day of school.  I do this mainly because it makes it fair for all my students to be able to celebrate their birthday at school.  This way nobody feels bad if their parent can’t come to school or send treats on their birthday.  And then it’s a standing rule that no treats are allowed in the classroom throughout the year to celebrate someone’s birthday.  And of course, it’s a lot more fun celebrating all our birthdays together as a team! 

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